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Here’s how helps rebuild business confidence.

The Power of Small

Some of the busiest people you’ll ever meet are small business owners. They’ve got to spin so many plates, from stock, staff and bills to customer relationships and marketing. There’s an awful lot to do.

Small businesses deserve our respect. The SME market is responsible for 99% of all the UK’s 5.9 million businesses and an incredible 60% of total UK employment. In terms of their economic contribution, small businesses amount to 50%-70% of total GDP! The power of ‘small’ should never be underestimated.

These are some staggering figures. But even more staggering is the data which suggests that SMEs could be overpaying on gas and electricity to the tune of £7 billion due to mishandling of the network and a lack of information and market knowledge for end users.

It’s the consequence of an untenable business energy switching method where SMEs are exposed to poor practice from energy stakeholders, including charges from transmission and distribution networks.

So, what should a SME business owner do? In the current world we live in, margins are as important as ever. How can you ensure you’re not losing out on your energy deals?

Switching Business Energy

Traditionally, methods to secure new business energy deals have been impractical and time-consuming, requiring obscure and lengthy details from energy bills. This usually preceded follow-up phone calls and arduous negotiations to arrive at competitive business energy offers.

But business confidence in the energy sector is set to improve through the online business energy pricing engine:

During a time where business confidence is already fragile, the smart-grid connected proposition from is a welcome enhancement to the energy sector.

Swift and Seamless

With a goal of making energy switching swift, seamless and transparent – aims to help SMEs save time and money.

Launched in February 2020, the pricing tool delivers accurate business energy quotes using actual consumption data from business energy meters in ten seconds thanks to robust software and connectivity to the Smart Grid.’s application development secures cheaper business energy deals via an e-signature in under three minutes. It allows for quick, hassle-free business energy switching, inevitably giving time back to the SME businesses who need it most.

Through Smart Grid technology, identifies a business meter and consumption patterns down to Day/Night Splits or Evening/Weekend Usage. It means that the tariffs offered by its 21 business energy suppliers are as precise as possible, building SME confidence by securing accurate deals.

Go Green Only

Additionally, with 66% of businesses more focused on carbon reduction strategies post COVID-19, provides “Green Only” offers from suppliers who provide electricity from renewable generation sources. In recent months, with a surplus of renewable energy, it’s proven to be a beneficial option for UK SMEs, with the market pricing green energy favourably against non-renewables.

Commercial Director of, Tim Strange, said: “Small to medium businesses do not have the time for long calls or a drawn-out process when gathering business energy quotes. They want to quickly see a range of affordable, accurate supplier offers to get the best deal possible for their business – to which BusinessEnergyQuotes.comis perfectly suited.

“Currently in the business energy sector, there are no propositions where UK SMEs are able to gather wholly-online, reliable and accurate cost comparisons without resorting to lengthy calls or haggling.

“UK SMEs lack time. They need a quick, accurate and frustration-free switching experience. It needs to be transparent. We’ve designed to put the power back into business’ hands, giving UK SMEs competitive choice quickly and reliably.”

The new pricing engine is created by award-winning energy specialists Northern Gas and Power – part of Global Procurement Group. The energy consultancy, the largest in the UK, has headquarters at the Gateshead Quays and is the top ranked North East business in the Sunday Times’ HSBC Profit Track 200 League Table.

by Rasheed Ahmed

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